Deeper into the Mystery of Christ

I picked up this quote at Steve’s blog and wanted to share it here too:

“This process of becoming Orthodox is not something that you can do just after 6 months of catechesis and a little bit of chrism on your forehead. It’s a life-long process, because it’s being transformed into Christ. And if we can keep our focus that coming into the Orthodox Church is not about joining a new organization; it’s not joining ‘the right church’; it’s not ‘joining the historical church or the apostolic church’; or it’s not ‘joining the right church instead the wrong church that I was in.’

“But rather, it’s an entrance deeper and deeper into the mystery of Christ. Then I think we’re on the right track. Because otherwise all we’re doing is getting stuck in our heads and caught up in judgment and condemnation. In other words, we’re just stuck in our passions and we might as well have not converted anyway, because we still haven’t left the world behind.

“Our task is to incarnate that life in Christ that is not of this world. We have to be in the world, but not of it.”
– Metropolitan JONAH, “Baptizing the Culture”

Ouch (in a good way).


4 responses to “Deeper into the Mystery of Christ

  1. I appreciate that he said that! And I like how he said that Orthodoxy is entrance deeper and deeper into the mystery of Christ.

    Ouch – should of used that one in scrabble. I was sitting right next to robbie during your battle of the words. It was us against you. Good effort!

  2. He had help!?

    Why I oughta…

  3. I wonder how many people ‘convert’ without truly transforming. They “learn to be” Orthodox by book reading and conversation without understanding that the point is to be Orthodox. As a seminarian my challenge has been to refrain from trying to figure out the intricacies of Orthodox theology compared to the Anglicans, or to stress out because I’m part of a community but I’m not serving in it. The point right now is to let the Holy Spirit transform me through the Divine Liturgy and participation in the life of the church.

  4. Wise, but tough words. Thank you for sharing them.

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