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All Will Be Transformed

theotokos_donsk_437“Do you see what happens? With the Spirit of God we all become incapable of every sin. We are made incapable because Christ dwells within us. We are henceforth capable only of good. Thus we will acquire the grace of God and become possessed by God. If we abandon ourselves to the love of Christ, then all will be overturned, all will be transfigured, all will be transformed, all will be transubstantiated. Anger, resentment, jealousy, indignation, censure, ingratitude, melancholy and depression will all become love, joy, longing, divine eros. Paradise!”
– Elder Porphyrios, Wounded by Love


“Baptists, Eucharist, and History”

Scott Morizot of Faith and Food is currently working on a series by the title of this post. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed  Scott’s brief but insightful articles as he compares and contrasts his Baptist tradition’s handling of the Eucharist with the belief and practices of  the Church in her early years. I’d recommend reading what he’s put together.

Here’s a link to the series’ intro–look for the other installments in Scott’s sidebar or on the first couple pages of his site.

More on Closed Communion

Following Met. Kallistos’ thoughts on closed communion, posted below, I thought it would also be helpful to share the following episode of “Our Life in Christ” on the same topic. These guys have a knack for making the complex accessible, and for explaining difficult points of view with kindness. I can’t promise you’ll like what you hear. But perhaps this will be helpful in bringing greater understanding, making clear what is so often confusing to Christians who approach Orthodoxy from other traditions.

Play Audio: Our Life in Christ – Closed Communion