This Site

My intentions in creating this site are simple: to make a home—a safe haven—for my wonder. Specifically, I need somewhere to flesh out my thoughts on the Christian faith and the Church—epiphanies, questions, frustrations, doubts and concerns—and to do so in kindness, respect and love for all.

So, to set some rules for myself and the others who read what I post: Say only what is true, kind and necessary. The last of these three has some comedy to it, I know. What could be more unnecessary than yet another Web log? But here we are. And in the course of my writing and our potential dialog, my hope is that these rules may win out more often than not.

While some posts may question certain traditions, Tradition, theology, worship practices, etc, I wish to avoid polemics and diatribes at all costs. Polemics are rarely of any value and seldom change the heart. There are plenty of places for such interaction, but this is not one.

Following kindness, be quick to forgive. Don’t accuse, ask questions to clarify. The Web is such a shoddy means of communication. Opportunity for misunderstanding surpasses the opposite as a rule. Forgive me if anything I say offends; I don’t mean it to do so. I will do my best to follow suit.

With all this said, I reserve the right to moderate discussions how I see fit, according to the rules I’ve set forth. After all, this is my site.

Thanks for reading.